“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” – Arthur Ashe Advertisements

1955 ATA 12-and-under singles; ATA 12-and-under doubles 1956 ATA 15-and-under doubles 1957 ATA 15-and-under singles 1958 15-and-under singles; ATA 15-and-under doubles 1960 18-and-under singles; ATA men’s singles; U.S. Junior Indoor Singles 1961 ATA men’s singles; ATA men’s doubles; U.S. Junior Indoors singles; U.S. Interscholastics singles 1962 ATA men’s singles 1963 ATA men’s singles; U.S. Hard Courts singles 1964 Eastern Grass Court […]

Arthur Ashe had a short life, but the impact he made on others’ lives lived on. Although he was in a time period where African Americans were facing discrimination in sport, his accomplishments were still celebrated by many. The media coverage he faced was expensive as he spent his life in headlines. He gained tons […]

In 1988, he was diagnosed with HIV caused by AIDS. It was revealed that he contracted the disease from a bad blood transfusion he received during his second heart operation. (“Biography,” 2013) Ashe came out to the public about his disease in 1992. A year prior to his announcement, Magic Johnson had also announced that […]

Arthur Ashe should be remembered now as a man who broke many barriers in not only tennis, but sport in general. He was the first person to break the colour barrier in tennis while spending his years in the spotlight fighting discrimination. This never stopped him from giving back to the community, which made him […]

“AIDS isn’t the heaviest burden I have had to bear… being black is the greatest burden I’ve had to bear. No question about it, race has always been my greatest burden, having to live as a minority in America” – Arthur Ashe (Gates Jr., 2013)

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