The Contributions

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Although Ashe didn’t enjoy being the only black star in a white-dominated sport, he didn’t run away from this spotlight either. He too this opportunity to give back as he felt it was his responsibility. He created inner-city tennis programs and got a visa to visit Africa to assist there. Being the first black tennis star, he was a role model to many black children. While visiting Africa, children claimed they looked up to him (“Biography,” 2013) .

The Johnston Award he received in 1964 is an indicator of how Ashe’s career and character made an impact in the world of tennis, as well as sport and society in general. His contributions to the sport are self-explanatory, breaking the colour barrier and fighting discrimination to be one of the sport’s greatest players. He not only broke the barrier in his sport, but it made people more accepting to athletes who had fought this same battle. He did this all while displaying great sportsmanship and fighting person issues of his own. Not only did he impact society with his perseverance in athletics, he also went out of his way to constantly help others and educate people on the unfortunate disease that he struggled with (Finn, 1993). He said himself that it wasn’t the tennis accomplishments he wanted to be remembered for, implying that these accomplishments had given him the opportunity to speak out to people all over the world and impact them in a positive way (Gittings, 2013).


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